SOUND MEN and WOMEN - John Hoban's new book.

This book moves with the pulse of many people, many voices, sounding out their lives. People helping each other navigate and negotiate life on life's terms. Sound men and women. Their yarns and musical musings, which were often carried by fierce wit, had the power and wisdom to give direction, to explain, to soothe, to amuse and to comfort the soul. These stories, sayings and songs stayed with me always, precious and timeless as I live and love on this river of sound. Now's my chance, in this book, to share and pass them on.

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John Hoban's visionary and unique fifth solo recording, Fad Saol is a double album: the first CD consists of original, covers and traditional songs accompanied by 12-string guitar and mandocello; the second CD is traditional, original, instrumental fiddle music accompanied by mandocello, banjo and mandolin. The recording captures the quality and energy of a live performance. John says,It's taken me 40 years to get to really sound like myself. John has played music all his life in the Troubadour tradition. He chose to learn his music with care over many years from some of the world's most respected master musicians. He is an accomplished player of fiddle, banjo, whistles, mandocello, guitar, kora, in addition to being a singer and composer of wonderful songs and music. John is highly regarded nationally and internationally for the individual nature and quality of his music.

The story of County Mayo singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teacher in his own words.


"Meeting Johnny Hoban is always like a good fleadh cheoil for me.
I look forward to lingering with him upon "the plain
of the yew tree".
He is a pillar in my life. Nelson would only be in the ha'penny place.
Take me home to Mayo Johnny Hoban..."

Christy Moore

EPISODES is a cd of songs and music which bridges the worlds of improvisation, experimentation and tradition.

A new CD from Isabela Basombrio Hoban.A CD of deeply Musical Healing Vibrations
Excellent for:
-Studying and Concentration based tasks
-Purifying environments- inner and outer
-Centering and Balancing energy: emotions and mind
-Inducing calm, peaceful consciousness

"John Hoban's music brings us back to the source. He searched out music from old masters, showing deep respect for the social contexts in which music was played for generations".

Tom Clancy, Music Critic, San Francisco.

"Castlebar, Ireland Native, John Hoban - musician, singer, songwriter, poet - has travelled all over the world with his music. The ultimate multi-instrumentalist, John plays fiddle, accordian, mandolin, mado.cello, harmonica etc ... He writes, composes his own songs and music. It has been said that he could make music from a sheaf of oats .
Behind the talent and enthusiasm of John is a caring, wise artist. A simple man unfettered by much of the clutter we deem so important in modern society"

Sean Walsh, Arts Officer, Mayo County Council. Ireland.